Accuracy of mri in breast cancer.

Accuracy of mri in breast cancer. Characterization of ductal carcinoma in situ on diffusion weighted breast MRI.

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A year-old woman, with positive family history for breast cancer, presented with a palpable lump on the left breast, finally diagnosed as invasive ductolobular carcinoma.

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Although mammography and ultrasound are the most commonly imaging tools used for the detection and characterization of breast abnormalities, the relatively low sensitivity and specificity of these lynsey bartilson nude pics especially in patients with dense breast tissue, with breast implants or postsurgical scar distortions [ 3 - 6 ] resulted in a demand for new imaging modalities.

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There was no significant between ADC values and prognostic factors[ 68 ].

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Sensitivity of MRI versus mammography for detecting foci of multifocal, multicentric breast cancer in Fatty and dense breasts using the whole-breast pathologic examination as a gold standard.

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A E- Editor:

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Surgical options for treating breast cancer are breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy, taking into account the tumor size, multifocality or multicentricity, local extent vs distant spread, nodal status, and patient preference.

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MR imaging features of infiltrating lobular carcinoma of the breast:

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