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Asian breath holding. When I asked Billaut how his subjects had reacted to the results, he smiled and shrugged.

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For more than 1, years, the Bajau - known as 'Sea Nomads' - have wandered the seas of southern Asia in house boats, catching fish by free diving with spears.

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They have evolved genetically enlarged spleens which allows them to use oxygen more efficiently so they can stay underwater for longer.

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Ed Yong is a staff writer at The Atlanticwhere he covers science.

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As the government budget threatens the population of wild horses, one woman is fighting to keep them free.

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Detailed 3D laser scans of Notre Dame Cathedral captured by late historian could be used to save the

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On one hand, the XR lacks the high-resolution screen and dual-lens camera on the XS.

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As the dive response kicks in, heart rate slows, blood is directed to the vital organs, and the spleen contracts to inject oxygenated red blood cells into the circulation.

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The diaphram could become stretched.

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There could be some looseness that develops over your training.

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