Australian vintage chart.

Australian vintage chart. A usefully wet start to the growing season was followed by prolonged very hot, dry weather, broken by rain just before harvest in March.

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This brought some problems later in the season, with excess rainfall encouraging some mildew, but generally the impression is a positive one across the state.

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Select Page Vintage Chart Vintage Charts are a really useful way to find great wine and avoid disappointing ones.

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It was a compressed and difficult vintage to produce, but the results should be promising.

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Growing seasons have a huge effect on the ripeness and quality of grapes.

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Thus the question becomes academic.

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Whites are generally thought better, with some excellent Clare Valley Riesling where fruit selection was stringent.

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Reds tend to be concentrated.

Expand each region to view the results per subregion by year.

Yields were lower than usual and while nobody is claiming it is a great vintage, quality is generally reliable across varieties.

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