Best amateur transceiver for imd 3rd order intercept.

Best amateur transceiver for imd 3rd order intercept. In turn this can appear to reduce the sensitivity of the radio receiver which in turn can degrade the performance of the overall radio communications system.

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When looking at the close range spectrum, figure 5, one can indeed see that fifth, seventh and higher order intermodulation terms are present with substantial amplitudes.

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It is obvious from figure 2 that this amplifier is heavily saturated.

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Clearly, termination of the signals near the IF has a smaller effect on IP3 than any other factor.

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The values obtained graphically from an extrapolation in figure 12 are less accurate, but fairly close.

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The third order intercept point, IP3, although a number that is obtained from an extrapolation, has a real physical meaning and it is well defined.

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IP3 Background This is the definition:

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Since the LO tunes only a relatively narrow range the meter amateur bandan network is suitable to filter the input to the LO port.

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If the input signal is a continuous carrier, the noise level at the receiver output rises.

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