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Brandy and mr whiskers ass. She was wearing what just looked like several leather straps across various parts of her body.

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When Brandy was falling off the cliff of the watering hole, Wolfie swung on a vine and saved her life.

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I do not own Brandy and Mr Whiskers, nor any of the characters from it.

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They end up breaking up though do to his inner personality.

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Sorry, we had to do it sooner or later.

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It is a totally original ideanobody has ever thought to use it in a movie plot.

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Whiskers helps Wolfie become sophisticated by spraying him from a bottle everytime he felt the urge to chew a flea on his butt.

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Gaspar and the apes carried on into the cave, while Mr Whiskers stayed hidden by the entrance to the cavern, to watch the proceedings.

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Follow TV Tropes.

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