Causes of infants rejecting the breast.

Causes of infants rejecting the breast. Hormonal changes from the return of your perioda new pregnancy, or starting birth control pills can affect the flavor of your breast milk.

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Many experts suggest that baby not get bottles or pacifiers while he is learning to nurse correctly, karch kiraly naked the idea that his need to suck will help the process along nursing will satisfy the need to suck.

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But, in some cases, it's hard for the baby to latch onto the breast.

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Walking, singing and rocking while baby sucks the dummy may gradually soothe him so you can gently put your baby to the breast while removing the dummy.

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Consult your doctor, a breastfeeding specialist, or a breastfeeding group in your local area for help and support.

Article Sources American Academy of Pediatrics.

For help with working out why your baby is refusing the breast, talk to a lactation consultant or ABA counsellor.

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