Dick turpin the highwayman poem.

Dick turpin the highwayman poem. There may have been other members who were either not identified or who were only occasional associates of the Gang.

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Even local peddlers started to carry weapons for protection.

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His image in contemporary terms was rarely glamourised:

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His age dropped off, he stood upright.

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Some biographers say he was born in Thackstead, others name Hempstead.

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Then he tugged at his rein in the moonlight, and galloped away to the West.

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He bought new clothes and shoes and hired five mourners for 10 shillings each.

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From a cave in Epping Forest from which they could watch the road without being seen, they robbed virtually anyone who passed their hiding place.

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They could take Dick Turpin now alive; Take maggie lawson nude and bind him and tell their tale As a pot house boast, when they drank their ale.

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