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Drawn together uncut. The housemates, as baby versions of themselvesaccidentally kill their baby sitter and try to cover it up from the babysitter's rich boyfriend Chad, their carers, and the infant Captain Hero.

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A food competition leaves half the housemates Captain Hero, Clara, Spanky and Wooldoor on the brink of starvation.

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After discovering that his supposedly destroyed home planet still exists, Captain Hero contacts and reunites with his parents, who tell him the truth about why he was sent to Earth, mainly because he was apparently predicted to be the lamest superhero ever before being born, causing his parents to have an rate my naked wife.

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If you can, please watch this video full screen and p HD quality.

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Season 3, which consists of fourteen episodes, began airing on October 5,

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There's game that can be played in both censored and uncensored mode both of which are a lot of fundeleted scenes and a karaoke sing along.

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Captain Hero's sexuality is still under investigation, the Drawn Together housemates still discuss Captain Hero.

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Meanwhile, the housemates crash on fuck song disaster movie 'deserted' island, but are rescued and returned to their respective homes, where they find that they have grown used to life with the cameras, and Wooldoor, distraught, supposedly hangs himself, and during his funeral, the remaining housemates return to the ruins of their old home, where the entity from the previous episode says that they can return to the house, although they must find a new housemate.

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After a one-year hiatus, new episodes returned October 4, with the last seven episodes of Season 3.

While Drawn Together doesn't always work, the series still has enough entertaining moments to make it worth your time if you're looking for decent mood elevator.

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