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Eye dropper inserted into penis. It seems like alot more trouble than it's worth.

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However, the patient went on to obtain 80 percent tumescence with 50 percent rigidity.

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The patient was treated 4 times within a minute interval, about every 7 minutes.

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Preferred pharmaceutical compositions include a two component system, one component comprising prostaglandin-containing liposomes also referred to as "liposomal PG" and a second component comprising an aqueous activator solution comprising chemical means for controllably lysing the liposomes to free the prostaglandin contained therein.

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Productivity Customization.

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Butterfly learns where it born its roots it passes knowledge via genetics on its offspring from generation.

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He reported back within two hours and reported a "fullness" type of feeling in the groin.

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Yes it did feel good at the time but urin was like fire and that it is a bad idea.

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There was no response from the first two instillations.

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Detailed Procedure Description.

A pharmaceutical composition as claimed in claim 37 wherein the lyophilized liposomal PG comprises prostaglandin E

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