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Third generation crops won't produce Be careful who you keep close to you I'm from Atlanta, but shots out to my Oakland crew They say, "Bobby Rae, the older you is overdue" Big booty threesome say hey, sorry I got a little caught up exposing truths I used to think, what would Hova do?

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They dock your pay, what a mockery Why you on the clock Hickory, dickory, dockery They want cable, they want coffee, they want comedy Anything to take they mind off being property Trying to say it properly Working on my tact But I am the anomaly They know i'm the shit like a elio-colonoscopy How to sensual massage therapy know i'm breast inflation fetish shit by just looking at my discography They know i've been sent to awake this idiocracy Mass media, hipocrisy Turn you into a worker bee Harvest the honey tree I'm just being honest, b Mother Earth quakes underneath Father Sky, up above the sea God the father, the sky Son of God, the Sun Amen Ra, the Eye No more Amen No more folding hands goodbye Adios, au revoir, bandz.

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