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Gerda marie mare naked. The bare semiconductor diodes are operated in liquid argon at cryogenic temperatures in an ultra-low background environment.

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The performance will be compared to that of some dedicated dark matter detection experiments.

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The detector employed was a stack of CR DOP and Lexan plastic nuclear track detectors which have a characteristically high charge resolution property.

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Jan De Leeuw's book is unusual and surprising in equal measure.

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This shielding reduces greatly the interference of environmental photons, muons and neutrons with the detectors.

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In this paper the design of tracking software that is being developed for full detector reconstruction is discussed.

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Efficiency calibrations for Ge detectors are typically done with the use of multiple energy calibrations sources which are free hidden pussy upskirt to a bulk matrix intended to simulate the measurement sample, and then deposited in the sample container.

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We present the characteristics of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors SNSPDs fabricated from amorphous Mo 0.

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