Guys having an orgasm.

Guys having an orgasm. Or perhaps, you haven't found your own point of pleasure.

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Semen is actually only 1 to 5 percent sperm, according to a Duke University study in which the researchers were developing an artificial semen substitute.

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Leave it to men to think that a female orgasm is all about them.

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Leave it to men to think that a female orgasm is all about them.

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And they've also been shown to significantly improve erectile function in men who deal with ED.

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Ideally, both of you will regularly take turns teaching the other delightful lessons in the art of orgasmic appreciation.

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As it turns out, that same brain region lights up like Times Square when heroin users shoot up, Danish researchers found.

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The more pressure, the more pleasure in the release, because the contractions tend either to be stronger or last longer.

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Though she estimates only 8 percent of men will struggle with this issue during their lifetime, it can still be troublesome and disappointing for those who continuously battle the sperm donor mobile alabama finale of sex.

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