Heavy rain strip scene not censored.

Heavy rain strip scene not censored. Damn, I was hoping I could gloat about getting the more complete game as well as the better box art.

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OT, good to see that censorship didn't happen on this one, its always a shame when countries become paranoid about their little children seeing a little bit of skin and gore when its pretty much impossible to hide it from them in this naked professional players and age anyways.

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Aug 28, 2.

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Love scene avec Triss Merigold.

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No mods!

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Yahtzee is going to have a field day with this one

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Finally a game everyone everywhere can enjoy equally.

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I mean they have some nudity but its classy, not distasteful.

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Seeing as a fully naked model of Madison exists in the game already, from her shower scene earlier in the story, this is definitely something that's within the realms urdu funda inpage stories possibility.

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