History of the female orgasm.

History of the female orgasm. The big O, for women, hasn't actually been shoved under the bed and ignored for all of human history.

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By George Chesterton 12 Dec

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Lynn mccrossan nude Kinsey Report, which was a massive smash hit, reported, amongst other things, that 40 percent of the women surveyed got their first orgasm from masturbation and five percent from "wet dreams," that 14 percent reported the phenomenon of multiple orgasms, and that women's orgasmic abilities rise and rise before tapering off at age

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Western cultural attitudes towards women's enjoyment of sex have developed slowly over the last years

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Some theories of psychotherapy assert a link between muscle blocks and disturbances of both character and sexual function.

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View all the latest top news in the environmental sciences, or browse the topics below:.

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The "byproduct theory" -- the one Lloyd prefers -- is based on the biological fact that males and females develop similar traits in the first two months of life as jenny agutter nude pic basic body plan and tissue patterns get laid down.

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Both Cattrall and partner Mark Levinson, a man Wikipedia calls "an audio designer and jazz bassist" and the Shoyonoido mako chan hentai York Times reports to be "ruggedly handsome, even with tufts of grey hair sprouting from his ears," hoped their joint foray into prose might achieve something other self-help guides hadn't:

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There are rhythmic muscular contractions around the pelvic region.

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