Homemade remedy for vaginal cyst.

Homemade remedy for vaginal cyst. If you feel severe pain that doesn't go away after taking OTC medications, contact your doctor.

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I felt a kind of itching inside my vagina so I thought of cleaning it with my finger.

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As apple cider vinegar helps maintain the pH level of the vagina, it further reduces the risk of infection and even prevents the development of more cysts.

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If it grows, you might feel a lump near the vaginal opening.

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Cysts may occur on any part of the body.

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You might also try applying a heat pack, so long as you keep another cloth between the pack and your skin.

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If however, your symptoms do not clear up within a few days, it is important that you see a doctor for professional medical advice.

Place this against the cyst to provide some pain relief.

Medical professionals refer to this as a spontaneous rupture.

Signs of infection include:

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