How to build a stripper stage.

How to build a stripper stage. Your thoughts?

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If you have stucco sexy huma khan and ceiling like me, you will want to use a masonry bit to drill pilot holes to get to the studs.

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If you are in the business of providing dance shows at parties and events then this dance pole will be great in investment that will nude mom and boy and will pay for itself as there are virtually no limitations unless is concerning the space or the height of the ceiling of a venue.

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The subframe was built out of left over 2x4's and bolted to the wall.

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Is it on bearings of any sort?

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I used a boring bit to sink the bolt heads and washers on the floor board.

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It attracted a lot of phaggots though.

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I Made It!

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Your cost?

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It doesn't work.

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