Huge breast veins.

Huge breast veins. Read our Privacy Statement.

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Although I'm less than two months out from diagnosis, it's shown as a later symptom.

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I did point it out to my GP, she noted it in the report, so I guess it was worth pointing out.

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Because of this swelling, there is more blood and fluid in the area, which can cause your veins to be more visible.

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Rash, redness around the nipple, inverted nipple T hickening of the tissue:

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Some doctors have found success using fat to cover up the appearance of the veins, although the degree of success would be based upon how big the veins area.

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I haven't read your links yet.

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From the MeToo movement to Brett Kavanaugh's appointment as a Supreme Court Justice amid sexual assault accusations, there's a noticeable uptick in….

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Apr 13,

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