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Jim blair slash spank. I'm figuring this story takes place two or three years after Graduation It was Only a Bad Dream or girl fucks elephant least that's how I like to think of the last four episodes of season 3 of The Sentinel.

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He squirmed away from the metronome regularity of the spanks, or tried to; Jim's free hand pressed down firmly in the small of his back and Jim's leg, with a worryingly smooth expertise, hooked over Blair's flailing, kicking legs and sexo anal con negros them in place.

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The next time Jim's hand touched him it fell with a rush of air to announce it and a flat crack of sound that reached Blair before the sting did.

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Free adult photo hosting space baking cupcakes and Jim licks the batter off him and they have frenzied unplanned sex and Jim apologizes, and Blair thinks Jim is having problems with being gay but really Jim's just afraid that Blair will leave.

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I'm glad I wrote it; it's one of those 'must do someday' fics that you don't always get around to doing and it's open for more if I ever feel like it in the future.

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Afterwards, he'd made Blair spot for him while he lifted weights, and watching Jim's muscles pump up had made Blair very glad for the roomy sweat pants he was wearing.

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Thank you!

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