Kapandji thumb opposition.

Kapandji thumb opposition. Second, our method allowed the detection of the pronation angle impairment due to CTS easily, non-invasively, and three-dimensionally and represented it numerically.

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Thumb opposition is vital for hand function and involves pronation and palmar abduction.

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Some studies have addressed the impact of thumb range of movement on activities of daily living [ 6 ].

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Third, six patients who used canes or walkers were included because the control group consisted of patients with hip osteoarthritis rather than healthy volunteers.

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In vivo pilot study evaluating the thumb carpometacarpal joint during circumduction.

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The opposition test consists of touching the four long fingers with the tip of the thumb:

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We recruited 16 adult rv parks with CTS and thenar atrophy before surgery CTS group, 27 hands and 16 healthy volunteers control group, 32 hands between June and June

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Upon recruitment, we obtained information from the patients regarding their chief complaint and the trauma history of their hands.

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