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Linsey dawn mckenzie swallows cum. Spinning round rapidly he met her eyes and then quickly moved forward to crush a kiss on her lips.

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Standing as quickly up as her arse would allow her she stood shakily on her high boots, she checked there was no one around again.

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Asian feet soles sinking deep in to the sofa, taking a long drag and arching her back she offered James the opportunity to check her out as her eyes shut in pleasure at the taste of the cigarette.

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Her mind clearing of all its questions as her passion rose and she began to feel right.

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Feeling his hand begin to lift her right breast upward from its confines.

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So the big bust model took a gulp of air to steady her safe, and then slowly ran her lips gently up the side of his penis.

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Using all her strength she pushed up against the hand and released the cock from her mouth.

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James smiling inwardly at how weak willed this mammoth chested model was, seized his opportunity took her hand.

Scanning her vicinity for a bench and seeing none, she looked at the floor it was slightly damp so Linsey quickly stripped off her coat and lay it on the floor.

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