Make your own anal beads.

Make your own anal beads. You go scrambling around the house, looking for anything roughly penis shaped that you could put into your body.

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Use condoms or gloves appropriately if you plan on using both holes.

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But when your libido is at it's highest, it is a good idea to remove them slowly to bring you closer to climax!

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You might want to leave a bit of home made pussy pump metal remain - that can be used to fix the handle to some old, tight shorts - or to a crotch-belt.

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Instead, be sure to only purchase plastic or silicone anal beads, both of which are very easy to clean.

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Drill the balls and smooth them before you tie the string as far apart as you think you would like!

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Make sure the end look or base is large enough or long enough and I mean REALLY long that there is no chance it will get lost up the bum.

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If you are crafty, and you have a pottery wheel or glass blowing facilities at your disposal, you could make your own butt plug.

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Using one for both is a definite route to disaster.

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You could also look for a necklace made of small beads.

But so often, people fail to recognize some other key facts and safety tips before jumping right into anal beads.

Go to a toy store and buy a few big marbles about '' in diameter whatever you preferthen put them into a sock then a condom.

As to how to insert the anal beads, the only real rule is to always make sure you are properly lubricated.

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