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Nude green leaves and bust. It was in that Picasso executed two of his finest and now best known pictures.

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In this painting, Picasso's cubist attack on pictorial space is electrified by passion, sex, and anger.

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In the lower left hand art lingerie 123, partly cut off by the edge of the photograph, leans the artist's Ingresque portrait of his wife Olga seated in an armchair, which he painted in while he was courting her.

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But this is not la-la land.

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It is also the most haunting and mysterious of this series--FitzGerald has called it a "hallucinatory journey" op.

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When I came to that realization, I knew I had found the way" quoted in J.

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Most recently Michael FitzGerald has singled out this period for its "exceptional works

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As FitzGerald has pointed out, "More than almost any other of Picasso's works, these [the paintings of early ] were made for exhibition.

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This pleased Picasso, who wrote in one of the freely associative prose poems he began to compose indated 21 October of that year:

The mystery of this shadow is tied to another aspect of the picture that does not immediately yield to being deciphered:

The Collection of Mrs.

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