Outdoor nude hot springs.

Outdoor nude hot springs. Benton Hot Springs in California Look upon beautiful rock outcroppings and take a step back in time during your visit to Benton Hot Springs.

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Mineral content is mostly calcium, with no offensive sulfur smell.

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Most hot springs have a spoken or unspoken rule to be quiet.

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While many of these gems are primitive and rugged, some are full-fledged resorts that boast spa treatments, mud baths, meditation workshops, and yoga.

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Two hours south of Frankfurt lies the German spa town of Baden-Baden.

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If things are chilean strip clubs a little too relaxing, make use of the fitness center with aerobics classes, yoga classes, pilates, free weights, and treadmills.

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If you are not used to nudity and will giggle and make other bathers feel uncomfortable, perhaps consider forgoing the experience for the sake of everyone involved.

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Visitors can choose between any of the natural soaking pools and opt to strip off as the area is certifiably clothing-optional.

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On the other hand, here in America people are weird about nudity and some will stare.

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It calls it "open air naturism," stating that "nudity is not inherently indecent, suggestive, nor demeaning.

In the nearby huts, you can relax after a world-class massage, then take a dip in the hot, curing water.

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