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Pee squirming legs. Stresses that may affect your child include a new baby in the family, sleeping alone, moving or starting a new school, abuse, or a family crisis.

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You do not want to get out of your seat.

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You're sitting on the couch and have to pee so bad you are squirming around just to hold it in.

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Sleepwalking and obstructive sleep apnea OSA can lead to bedwetting.

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The other worry is the sensation of holding the urine so long that the bladder will burst.

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You have had to pee for quite a while.

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Researchers have found genes that are linked to bedwetting.

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Guy pressing hands against his stomach as if in pain.

You can't help but pee a little to reduce the pressure.

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Sometimes a health condition can lead to bedwetting, such as diabetes or constipation.

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