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Phoebe from friends nude. The friends come to see this, and tell Phoebe they hate him.

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Courteney Cox is the epitome of a fresh faced '90s beauty in this photo.

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The show ran for six season, releasing episodes in that time.

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Bruce Willis actually agreed to make this cameo for free after losing a bet to Matthew Perry.

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They also played an iconic game of trivia in which Monica and Rachel lost their apartment to Joey and Chandler.

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Lisa Kudrow also won an individual award for her performance in

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Friends is undeniably one of the biggest shows in the history of television.

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In fact, Aniston is so well known for her beautiful skin that it helped her score a gig as Aveeno Skin Care's spokesperson.

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Susan Sarandon was on Ross's "list" of women he was allowed to sleep with; Joey later slept with a character played by Susan Sarandon.

This nose job ended up being a joke throughout the course of the series, as Rachel Green would often mention her own nose job.

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