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Pineapple juice and cum. The strips are dissolvable, flavored strips that you put in your mouth 15 minutes before fellatio.

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Yes, ladies — and men too, for that matter — drinking a good sized glass of pineapple juice a couple of hours before the deed can help make your bodily fluids taste and even smell better.

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As mentioned above, nothing can be said for sure that certain foods may improve the taste of your semen.

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Paget argues that most of these tips are really just common courtesy.

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When it comes to cleaning your vulva, water and mild soap is all you really need, says Gunter.

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Vaginas aren't supposed to smell play with cunt a bouquet of flowers, just like penises aren't supposed to smell like a summer night after it rains.

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However, some people have found that there are certain foods that can help make it sweeter and tastier.

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