Piss elm tree leaf.

Piss elm tree leaf. Is it possible for me to grow vegetables within my room?

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You cant hurry nature.

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There are many varieties of plants and I'm assuming trees as well that are very poisonous to dogs.

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Now-a-days it seems any elm will be called piss elm if it contains a lot of water or emits a smell… most of the time because people have no idea how to identify elm and depending on strangle and fucked time of year and conditions, any live cut elm can leach water like that.

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My neighbor has a hedgerow first time wife threesome these trees and they produce unending amount of seeds that blow into my garden and I have received multiple complaints from rural landowners wishing this was on the Noxious Weed List in MN.

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This stuff is cutting like butter.

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Well I've questioned that myself

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Tree Growth Info.

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Today I found it- perhaps it's more pronouced earlier in the season because last time I checked was late summer and never really id anything as slippery elm.

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Some other mountains in the range are also named in the same way.

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