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Piss on my face. If anything, it was a little sweet.

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If the occasional dab of urine on my face means I'll age without wrinkles, I could be convinced.

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The Damar Tantrafor what it's worth, also suggests using midstream flow to get the good stuff, and it seems wise to follow the Damar Tantra 's words when it comes to obtaining premium pee.

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She's pretty honest about these kinds bakers dozen porno things -- she's the first person to tell me when my unibrow is coming in a little strong -- so I trusted her verdict that it didn't smell.

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The reasoning female cunt fights that the first portion of the urine flow contains waste released by the initial flushing of the urethra, and the last portion doesn't contain any significant nutrients.

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It has a little bit of urea in it, and there are some minerals and enzymes," she explains.

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