Replica vintage cars.

Replica vintage cars. It rips, snorts, pops, and bangs its way down the road.

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Even if you're wary about driving a replica, there's no denying this thing's coolness.

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With a menacing black and silver livery and a wild tokyo lover hentai game of scoops, intakes, and ducts on the front, sides, and rear, this Carroll Shelby Mk II edition is designed to look just like the car that gave Ford the first of its three GT40 Le Mans victories in

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Obviously a Dino, come on Ferrari!

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Obviously a Dino, come on Ferrari!

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The Type B is powered by a 2.

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I am mostly an Italian car fan but I have some friend with Factory 5 cars etc and it seems that so many people snub their noses at folks that have replicas.

Plenty of companies make Spyder replicas, but only a few do it right.

The problem is that an awesome car from is 80 years old, so it will require extra maintenance, costly repairs, custom parts, and, being difficult or impossible to replace, a really expensive insurance policy.

If I was a Russian oil Tycoon who had part ownership of heads of state, I would commission one of these.

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