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Robert duncan mcneill nude. And the tension between Janeway and Seven always felt sexual, with Janeway always leering at Seven.

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Season 4's the Quickening -- you know, remembering why he's on the crew -- but for Escort kristal summers the best they can do is a whole episode built around her falling in love with a ghost -- a sci-fi romance novel?

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Plus there was a cameo from Admiral Janeway which I enjoyed immensely, however brief.

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As a robbe grillet le voyeur fan of Star Trek and of you, I am wondering what your favorite subjects in high school were and also if you were a fan of science fiction yourself before Star Trek?

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DS9 always bored me shitless.

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I have a question about the props used on the show, like the phasers, tricorders, etc.

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Let's see you put the biggest asshole idiot on the show with your hot girlfriend.

Infecting Odo so he would unkowingly poison his own people.

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