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Rock of love uncensored. The winning team gets a date with Bret.

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Bret chooses Jes, Lacey, and Sam's team as the winners.

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At elimination time, Kristia and Dallas are sent home.

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Bret chooses Magdalena, Heather and Erin as captains.

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Heather and Magdalena are taken for sushi at The Geisha House, where Bret presents each with an electric guitar.

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Mia, Heather, and Brandi M.

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Bret states that all the other girls in the house think Lacey is crazy, so why not his super fans?

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Mia and Rodeo's rock song lyrics reflect Rodeo's desire to see her son.

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Rodeo Before EliminationBrandi C.

They in turn choose their relay teammates.

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