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Seven of nine sex stories. Janeway's eyes widened, her eyebrows lifting.

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She had heard of romantic encounters as part of holodeck programs, but the idea of a purely erotic holoprogram had not occurred to her.

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Make my pussy cum felt Kathryn's hand slide under her hair and gently clasp her neck, and she let her head be pulled downwards, not knowing if she tilted her head instinctively or from conscious knowledge, not caring which once her mouth met Kathryn's.

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Janeway has two wars to fight.

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Kathryn almost gasped herself as she tugged the garment from Seven's body.

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For the moment, we had a paddling to get through.

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She also talks to her via comm channels and through personal padds.

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After absorbing about luis figo naked fake teraquad's worth of data, Seven found her pulse and body temperature were both elevated, her nipples were extremely hard, the skin of her face and palms was warm and sweat-damp, her breathing was quickened.

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Eventually, he grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist and started using it like a leash, wrenching her face into his groin and forcing her to keep his cock halfway down her throat at all times.

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You are my friend, Seven.

She had been assigned to the bridge to help Paris plot a long-term course towards the Alpha quadrant that would avoid areas of heavy Borg activity.

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