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Steve o s dick. I was in Paris when a french radio DJ dared me to get the letter 'C' his initial tattooed on me.

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So be a good little slave and keep scrolling down!

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Haha, I had no idea what a good idea it was!

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Considering how many of their logos I plastered across the television screen, I think it's kinda funny that they couldn't manage to stay in business.

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I told him that I could care less about the letter 'C', but I'd go for it if I could also get the marijuana leaf I needed so badly.

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What can I say, I have personal issues with organized religion.

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That's because I refused to design it, or look at it, until this traditional Maori tattoo artist got done chiselling it into my shoulder with an albatross bone.

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All sorts of people tried to stop me, but I didn't listen.

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