Still spanked by parents.

Still spanked by parents. E-mail newsletter.

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That is awful to go through corporal punishment for so long, how much anger has that left you with inside for someone else you have a sexual relationship or friendship or workplace to deal with one day?

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My mom also spanked me over her knee when I was 19, for hitchhiking, she had always told me never to hitchhike and if I did and she found out, I would be spanked over her knee no matter how karla spice porn pictures or big I might be.

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And the effects were stronger for those who were spanked more than twice a week.

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I hitched my first ride when I was 19 and in college, and when my mom found brian spanks lois griffin I went over her knee and she gave me 20 good spanks, It was the hardest spanking I ever got and I never hitchhiked again!!!

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Before you decide if it's OK to spank your childexamine the potential consequences of physical punishments.

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The girl on the other end -- she and her teeth -- heard everything.

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If she makes too much noise, I'll make a growling noise with an old baby monitor.

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I hope my tax money is not being spent paying for this type of "research"!

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The weird thing is I always felt intensly loved.

Do you guys think I am?

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