Tattoos on penises.

Tattoos on penises. The skin of the penis is rather delicate, think of it as a thin sheet of tissue over hard muscle.

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If you have any genital body piercings, try to design an idea around your other modifications for added style.

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Well, as long you as you aren't one of the people in these photos.

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Ray said:

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While not all penis tattoos lead to priapism, it is a manifestly bdsm breast infusion danger, especially with a tattoo craftsman who is less experienced with tattooing that particular body part.

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Tattoo enthusiast Ray Houghton now proudly boasts that he has been inked on every part of his body, after the four hour work on his genitals.

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Ray, who lives in Spain with his fiance Pamela Hunt, 53, added:

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More obvious animal-based tattoo choices for this area include fire-breathing and dangerous dragons, a snake, or a grand elephant's trunk.

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Do not let an amateur do your tattoo.

However, there are some robust enough to let the needle on their underpants.

Still, he regrets nothing.

He found a few parlors in New York City willing to help him out, but they all wanted to charge a "handling fee.

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