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Teen beasty lover. Charles admires her beauty but she has no other qualities.

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She scrutinizes the menu professorially and chooses a chicken salad.

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An adolescent suddenly finds herself capable of breaking down the twin fortresses — verbal and physical superiority — of adult control.

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Later it is revealed that the Abeo Blade was not a killing weapon and instead a teleportation device, sending Terra, Rose and the other Ravagers except Beast Ice cold black cock back to the Colony once again.

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Each night he returns.

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He marries Snow White, and Rose Red marries his brother.

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Strange as it may seem, they are still children, still having to operate bodies and minds that are like new, complex pieces of machinery.

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He was a puppy dog, always trying to please, basically trying to make up for having tricked her; and she was a cold ice queen, wanting things her way or the highway, with no consideration for what was being done for her.

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He must either return to die or give Beast one of his daughters.

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