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Teen tickle torture. Some of my victims get tortured for twelve hours or more!

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I wrapped my lips around her butthole and continued tongue-fucking her ass.

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You can't be serious!

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I saw her entire asshole vibrate from the toothbrush against it, and Rita moaned with pleasure coming from her ass.

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I stopped tickling her, to let her catch her breath so she didn't pass out.

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Oh boy, is that hot.

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Despite this, it was all so easy, easier than you expected it to be.

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My mom packed my lunch which was a peanut better and jelly sandwich with a cookie and raisins, my favorite!

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I watched her scream and laugh beneath my torturous grasp.

I wrapped my whole mouth around her vagina and dug deep into her with my tongue.

Her thighs began to shake and below I saw her butthole tense up as I filled her body with increasing pleasure.

Rita had broken out into a full body sweat and her voice was hoarse from screaming.

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