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A great portion of his work investigates human sexuality, the ideas, the concepts, the prejudices and the obscurity of what lies behind sex, where he portrays his subject orgasm girl 2 cheat nude, openly engaging in fake or real sexual acts, displaying the hidden corners of their bodies.

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The actors, the models and the government.

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The muscle flexing position is as much of a statement as the deliberate nudity.

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Very classically erotic, this photograph of Robyn taken in evokes the golden era of Hollywood, divas at their peak, while the model bathes in fights pisses herself light of the flash, with her milky skin contrasting the rugged wooden floor.

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My wife is a part time model and I would love to see her working with Terry and his friend or studs.

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Son of famous fashion photographer Bob Richardson.

He enjoys placing A-listers in ordinary situations, where he often uses disposable camera as well.

Besides the properly framed shot and the interesting line-up of trucks with a daring girl in front, contextually, this piece actually explores deeper problematics of American truck stations, often centers of prostitution and offences revolving around it.

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