Vintage coffee percolator instructions.

Vintage coffee percolator instructions. Wash the insides of an electric percolator, but do not immerse the pot in water; simply wash and rinse the interior, then wipe the exterior.

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Warning Before purchasing or using a Corning Ware percolator, check the government recall list.

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Press down on the basket until it clips into place under the heater arm.

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Measure your coffee grounds and place them in the filter basket.

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Just like a normal electric coffee maker, a percolator will start to get clogged up with left-over residue from the coffee.

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To percolate is to make a solvent in this case, steam pass through a permeable substance in this case, coffee grounds.

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Replace the percolator lid.

Also, as brewing progresses goes on, you should see the water shift from clear to coffee-colored.

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