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Dream Country:

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The frames are terrific, the music score well selected the effects top-notch.

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Within the last seconds of this take Nite Owl I starts with "It all started with the gangs

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Cut onto the Mars, a frontal close-up of Manhattan and Laurie and then the theatrical version starts again.

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Two succeeding takes are extended:

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Some super-owl dude just busted Rorschach out of prison.

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Other than for example the delution and strong modified adaption of "The League of extraordinary Gentlemen" - one reason why Moore hates filmmakers and especially the medium film- the adaption is pretty close to the origin.

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At the police strike Nite Owl II still talks to the raging crowd:

I just felt so connected, you know?

Lori Watt Rorschach's Mother???

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