Web apps suck.

Web apps suck. JohnStrange on Oct 19, I'm not using web apps at all.

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And let's not get started on user-definable menus, arbitrary undo, re-ordering of interface elements, scripting, and other advanced features.

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They have been bamboozled by so-called "full stack developers" who want to add the latest trendy "framework" to their CVs.

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The browser is winning!

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It's generally considered bad practice to assume bad intentions when alternative explanations suffice.

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Then you end up piggybacking informations from one page to another in hidden type form fields

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They lost a lot of user capital, so to speak, due to this.

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DamonHD on Oct 19, Our 'app' runs on a radiator valve!

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Because it seems every site that's gotten a 'redesign' in bondage gangbang tumblr last year or so seems to have become some clunky, awkward to use 'app' like thing with dynamic content loading where simple text would do just fine.

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Users want websites to be fast and less annoying.

I don't run anything other than stock apps on my phone.

There is nothing wrong with hype.

So someone comes with the "brilliant" idea and solution of making apps by scripting PSDs.

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