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Weird sharped boobs. Hey, you could go braless every day of your life if you wanted to.

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There's no reason for you to be insecure and turned off if guys actually get turned on by you.

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Ever hear of polymastia or polythelia?

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Men with more money prefer women with modest mammaries.

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Do your boobs look like two eyes gazing around the room in different directions?

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Boob job patients often request the teardrop shape.

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There is just no fat under those things.

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But breast traits go beyond just big and small boobs, there are distinct shapes, as well as types, sizes and colors of nipples and areolas.

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Your boobs may be proportionally bigger than your torso, so tops that fit your body don't fit your breasts.

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Yet not wearing a bra, I felt, was viewed as sloppy.

If that's the case, button-down shirts are not your best pick.

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