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I have, and here are several references:

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A student of music from childhood, Brynner was an accomplished guitarist.

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What Yul did in the privacy of his home is anyone's guess, but lets not just assume things based off what some people thought they saw.

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It was his second marriage.

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The only problem was, Steve hated horses.

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He was able to do this in a time when it was career threatening to be classified as a Bisexual.

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You think your parents are going to last forever.

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Unknown May 18, at 9:

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What really makes a male a "man" has nothing to do with their sexuality.

Actually Yul Brunner was acting like the diva of the movie and he made everything possible to show that to Steve and to the rest of the ensemble.

R16, he is not forgotten for those who know at least a few things about old classic cinema.

This is shocking to and denied by legions of Cary Grant fans — but this denial does not mean it was not true.

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